Suddenlink provides internet, phone and TV service for homes and businesses. In 2015 Suddenlink was acquired by Netherlands-based French company Altice NV. In 2017. Shortly before it went public, Altice rebranded Suddenlink under the Altice name, and so you may know Suddenlink as Altice and vice-versa. Altice has purchased other US internet and cable providers.

Suddenlink is an internet service provider using hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) technology for wired internet service. Fiber optic cable is paired in a relay system with standard coaxial cable. The company offers service in 17 states including Texas, North Carolina, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) uses both fiber and coaxial cables to transmit data. The technology combines optical fiber and copper cables (coaxial) to create a broadband network. HFC can transmit internet and TV data including videos, music and voice. Suddenlink therefore offers internet, television, and phone service. The optical fiber lines typically end close to but not directly in a home or business so the final connection to the premises is made using coaxial cables.

HFC allows the provider to increase the signal beyond what coaxial alone can accomplish. For example, coaxial cable covers 40 MHz to 550-MHz (a wide range) but by adding fiber optic technology the signal can extend from 40 MHz to 750-MHz on the spectrum. Optical fiber can also transmit signals over much longer distances before needing augmentation.

The fastest internet is fiber optic cable running directly into the premises but it isn’t available everywhere and Suddenlink does not offer it. HFC is an affordable alternative and speeds can rival those of fiber-only networks.

On the plus side, Suddenlink does not require contracts. That’s a big plus and it lets you shop around if you’re not satisfied after the introductory period. You get unlimited data and competitive pricing. But there are other elements to consider when you choose an ISP.

Suddenlink plans have attractive introductory prices for the first 12 months, a common practice, after which your bill eventually goes up by up to $50 or more. Consider what you will be paying two years from now when you sign up with an ISP so that you can budget for it. A $40 or $50 a month increase is $480 - $600 a year more. Will you have more after-tax income to spend at that time or will you have to cut other expenses to afford service?

Additional fees are within the norm for HFC providers. You’ll pay $3.50/mo. for a “network enhancement fee.” A one-time activation fee is $40 and standard installation is about $99.

Telecom companies have high customer turnover and in some cases it’s a 52% churn rate. The expense of customer acquisition can be high. What some companies are doing is spending big to improve customer service. So, if you get notifications from your provider about planned outages that’s a good thing, because the provider is investing in maintaining the network.

The following plan highlights don’t represent the full range of Suddenlink plans so reach out directly to Suddenlink for granular details and other options.

The Internet 300 Plan gives you download speeds up to 300 Mbps, which is sufficient for streaming and gaming; 10 Mbps of upload speeds, and unlimited data, for $39.99 for the first month (plus taxes and fees).

The Internet 500 plan gives you download speeds up to 500 Mbps, 20 Mbps of upload speeds, and unlimited data, for $59.99 for the first month (plus taxes and fees).

The Internet 1 Gig plan gives you download speeds up to 940 Mbps; 35 Mbps of upload speeds, and unlimited data, for $79.99 for the first month (plus taxes and fees).

If you tend to upload very large files, for example, posting thousands of photos to a website, then you want the Internet 1 Gig plan to save serious time on the uploads.

The equipment box contains a modem/router, Wi-Fi extender, ethernet cable, coaxial cable and 2-channel cable splitter. The splitter lets you multiply the connection. If you have one cable outlet in a room but you want to connect both a TV box and a modem you can use the splitter to get it done. The modem/router rental is $10 a month or you can BYO equipment. Big tip: Make sure you check the company’s online list of compatible modems before you buy your own.

You can bundle cable TV, internet, and phone service with Suddenlink. Reach out directly for information about bundling.


Suddenlink offers plans and bundles with internet, television, and home phone.

Download speeds up to 1000 Mbps

No Contract Plans